Bumpdate: Week 24 (the official freaking out edition)

Didn't even plan the utter cuteness of the Seuss quote behind me.

Baby is the size of a... an ear of corn. But corn doesn't kick you all. the. time.

Weight gain: Thirteen pounds.

Exercise: I've resumed my treadmill hell. Woohoo! Walking to nowhere!

Stretch marks: Not yet, but my stomach is ITCHY.

Belly button: Couldn't be any more shallow.

Sleep: I had a cold this past week, soooo no.

Symptoms: So very tired, but hopefully that's mostly the cold.

I'm freaking out about: the fact that I'm two-thirds into this! How is time moving so fast? And FIFTEEN's release date is a mere five and a half weeks away? I can't do any of this!

I'm looking forward to...finishing the nursery. As you can see, the Dr. Seuss theme is underway and the furniture is supposed to be here Saturday afternoon.
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