NaNoWriMo update: crunchtime

So in case you missed this article, I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this year! It's especially exciting because I wrote FIFTEEN during a previous NaNoWriMo, so I thought this would be a perfect time to work on the sequel.

But I'm down to five days *gulp* and things aren't going so well. I'm at exactly 40,000 and this Thanksgiving week includes two dinners across the state and a sick husband. So what I'm saying is... wish me luck - I'll be very thankful for it!

Bumpdate! Week 22: Babymoon edition

I don't usually post pictures of myself in a bikini, but I have a finally have an excuse for not sucking in my gut.

Baby is the size of a... a papaya. Which I just ate this morning, btw.

Weight gain: Twelve pounds, give or take the time of day.

Exercise: I did a lot of walking, although it was to and from the buffet.

Stretch marks: Not yet. But my eczema's flaring up, so it basically looks the same.

Maternity clothes: Who needs 'em when you've got swimsuits and fat pants?

Belly button: It is making its way out and it is so very pale.

Sleep: Yup, thanks to the sound of ocean waves... (and now I have to pee).

Symptoms: Does it count as irritability if you're just really freaking sick of meddling strangers touching your stomach and giving you medical advice?!?

Movement: Pretty sure this baby is trying to kick his/her way out.

I miss... my cats!

I'm looking forward to...home sweet home. Why do I leave?

Book Deal of the Day

My publisher brother, James Wymore, is Amazon's Book Deal of the Day, on sale for $1.99! His book, I mean. The Actuator: Fractured Earth - only $1.99. Not James. Well, maybe he's on sale too, but you'll have to a little more than $1.99.

Bumpdate: Week 21!

Alternate post title: My jeans are beginning to lose the battle against my belly.

Baby is the size of a... a carrot. Wait, a carrot? Is that an organic carrot? A baby carrot? Does it include the leaf? The roots? These books really need to be more specific.

Weight gain: Ten pounds.

Exercise: Still hitting the treadmill for daily walks, albeit begrudgingly.

Stretch marks: Not yet. I keep oiling myself up like a watermelon at the public pool.

Maternity clothes: When I'm not wearing my pajamas, so... rarely.

Belly button: Still in, but it is looking a lot more shallow than it used to.

Sleep: Yes, please.

Cravings: Where are those Red Vines?!?

Symptoms: Pretty much none. Does that mean I'm in line for a L&D from hell?

Movement: A few bouts of baby kicks here and there, but still pretty subtle.

I miss... sleeping on my back.

I'm looking forward to...our babymoon! I know, I know, you'll miss me. But this is the last non-Mickey vacation that Mr. Jen and I are going to be able to take for a very long time.
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