Bumpdate: Week 34

Thirty-four... and how many more?

If This Baby Was in the Produce Department, It Would... weigh between four and five pounds. Because I am capable of comprehending weights without comparing them to produce, I decided to just ask my doc how much the baby weighs right now. Take that, preggy books! 

Weight Gain: Twenty-one pounds. Note: This is a Pre-Valentine's-Day-candy number.

Cravings: Laffy Taffy.

Sleep: At night I pee, and lay down a few times to sleep.

Belly Button: Does not resemble that of an Earthling's.

Best Moment This Week: Hearing the baby's heartbeat! 144, which it has been the last three doctor appointments. 

Looking Forward To: Valentine's Day! I know, barf - right? But after a decade of boycotting, DH and I decided that it is absurd that we do not celebrate a holiday dedicated to candy and sex. (However, we will continue to sneer/mock/judge commercials that imply blood diamonds are the only true measure of lurrrve.)
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