Bumpdate: Week 33!

But babies aren't covered in those little spiky edges when they come out, right?

If This Baby Was in the Produce Department, It Would Be... getting pinched by old ladies. Oh! You mean a size reference. Well, a pineapple. See what I did there with my picture? 

Weight Gain: Holding firm with my twenty pounds, despite my valiant efforts to taste every flavor that Breyers® makes. (Girl Scout Samoas FTW.)

Cravings: Well, this pineapple is looking pretty good.

Sleep: Eh.

Belly Button: Is peeking out to say hello.

Symptoms: I'm still fairly boring. In fact, but for that first trimester bout of morning sickness, this giant pineapple-infused bump, and one extremely erotic dream starring Patton Oswalt, things are pretty much same-old, same-old.

Best Moment This Week: Um, I think I covered this with the Saved by the Bell skit on Jimmy Fallon. 

Looking Forward To: The Walking Dead returning on Sunday night! And Better Call Saul! God, I love TV.
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