Bumpdate: Week 36!

This week's costar: IVY! I don't know how many more weeks I have left, but I want to make sure and get one with each kitty cat. Which means next week is... Captain Moo! (The enchantingly bipolar, formerly feral permakitten .)

I had a good run of being that preggo that other preggos hate: I didn't have cankles and I could make it into the grocery store without waddling. But clearly, the pregnancy gods are dog people and I have been smited (smote?) with the swelling wand. And from this swelling, I have pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome. (It's a thing!) And I now walk around like the Penguin. And I'm not talking emo-cutie-Robin-Lord-Taylor-Penguin. I'm talking Danny-DeVito-Slopping-On-A-Raw-Fish Penguin.

Baby is the size of a... ninja. A baby ninja trying to kick its way into this world.

Weight Gain: Twenty-four pounds.

Sleep: Is even more difficult when you're trying to prop up your ankles and wrists.

Belly Button: Enters rooms before I do.

Best Moment This Week: That would be my pre-natal massage, which for the record is THE BEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE A PREGNANT LADY. 
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